IDEA: Achievements For Nintendo / Switch

switch badge app

Since their inception during the Xbox 360 / PS3 era, achievements have become a staple in games as a way of challenging players to meet certain milestones from basic points in the story to gruelling challenges that serve to extend the length and replayability of each title. This feature has appeared in drabs, through efforts by individual developers on Nintendo’s systems. But it’s no doubt that the gaming giant would benefit from adding in this sorely missed feature as a system standard.

I have produced the above mock-up of a simple system mostly asimilar to the Playstation / Steam standard whereby collecting what I have dubbed ‘Badges’ earns the player experience that ascends them through levels that ultimately embody their bragging rights over other players. It’s simple to navigate, accessed from the HOME Menu, and would allow players to; share their merits to social media, compare their collections to friends and ultimately incentivise playing each game in a persons library even more, promoting value for money and replayability as a standard from game publishers.


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